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Colonial Quarter


Stroll the Flags Over St. Augustine boardwalk, each step a passage through the centuries beneath 11 of the very flags that have flown over this Ancient City for over 450 years—from the flag that likely flew on the mast of Juan Ponce de Leon's ship as he explored Florida's northeast coast to today's 50-star Stars & Stripes.

Here's just a hint of what you'll discover...


No one can say what flag flew from the mast of Juan Ponce de Leon's ship as he explored the coast of today's northeast Florida in the spring of 1513. But scholars think it was the Spanish Empire's banner with the red lions of the Kingdom of Leon, quartered with the gold castles of the Kingdom of Castile.


On May 8 to 9, 1586, Sir Francis Drake's English fleet raided and burned St. Augustine. The 1589 Boazio map depicts Drake's victory and shows his flag ship flying the colors of the House of Tudor.

23-Star American “Florida Territorial” Flag (1821)

On July 17, 1821, Florida officially became a U.S. territory. The Americans merged East and West Florida and created a capital located halfway between St. Augustine and Pensacola at Tallahassee. The American national flag at that time had 23 stars.